Kill Dust Mites

Kill Dust Mites

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I didn’t want to scare you with a real picture of Dust Mites…BUT here it is, and Dust Mites are not cute.

They are little critters, than can make us sneeze, disturb our sleep, and even make us sick.

They even love our beds as much as we do!

It is estimated…that anywhere from 100,000 thousand to 10 million dust mites hang out and live on our discarded skin and hair, in our BEDS!! Each mite defecates on average twenty times a day!!! Their fecal matter is so small that they float in the air, circulating around your home.


BUT…there is one thing that actually KILLS these little guys…

Eucalyptus Oil!! It is also antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and also a deodorizer.

My favourite tip for an in between pillow clean, or a mattress freshen up, is to spray with diluted Eucalyptus Oil.

So if you have been having any sleeping, breathing or sneezing and skin problems at bedtime…Eucalyptus those little critters!!

Available from me here!

Here is a bit more info about Dust Mites!

  • A bed can contain up to 10 million Dust mites over a five year period.
  • A bed can contain up to 2.5 billion droppings over a five year period.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of dust contains 1000 Dust Mites and 250,000 droppings.
  • Female Dust Mites can lay up to 50 eggs every three weeks.
  • One dust mites does 20 droppings per day.
  • Dust Mites can cause: sneezing, itching, runny eyes, asthma, allergies and eczema.
  • Neatspiration Eucalyptus Oil kills Dust Mites!

Love your Home and Inspire your Inner Neat!
sal xx

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