FlipFOLD: Save Time and Effort

FlipFOLD: Save Time and Effort

Organise clutter and spend less time folding laundry.

We all want to save time. Spend less time doing chores so we have more time for more important things in our lives. FlipFOLD will allow you to do just that. Using it is simple- FLIP, FLIP, FLIP and FOLD.

Even Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory uses FlipFOLD.

You’ll get perfectly folded laundry every time, with less effort.

Retail Stores

If you have a retail store you’ll know how time consuming it is to keep everything neat and tidy without devoting hours to folding…and refolding… and folding some more. If you introduce FlipFOLD to your business, it’s simple for employees to use, and it means they’ll have more time to focus on serving customers.

The FlipFOLD is the genuine and original article, manufactured and shipped from the USA.

To find out more information, head to the FlipFOLD website.

Browse our range of FlipFOLD products- they come in a range of colours and sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the FlipFold Adult & FlipFold Junior?

The only difference is the dimension of the folded garment: FlipFold Adult folds to 23cm x 31cm, FlipFold Junior folds to 18cm x 25cm.


Do the different colours of FlipFold's work differently?

No, regardless of the colour of FlipFold Adult or FlipFold Junior, all operate the same way. FlipFold Adult folds to 23cm x 31cm, FlipFold Junior folds to 18cm x 25cm.


Why does FlipFold have holes?

The holes make FlipFold aerodynamically correct. The holes reduce static allowing air to pass through the board, eliminating the pullback effect (when the shirt "sticks" to the board).


Why does FlipFold have feet/bumpers?

FlipFold has 5 bumpers, 4 with rubber cushions, which allow for easy handling and non-skid performance on countertops, washers, or any surface you choose to fold on. The feet/bumpers also allow you to slide your hands underneath the FlipFold for easy handling when folding.


What material is FlipFold made out of?

FlipFold is made from polypropylene plastic. We are proud to say FlipFold is manufactured in the U.S.A.


Why is there a white line on the hinges of a FlipFold?

The white line on the hinges shows that there is memory in the hinge. As soon as a FlipFold comes off the assembly line, the hinges are "flexed" (which creates the white line) to ensure longevity.


Why would I need a FlipFold Junior?

FlipFold Junior is ideal for packing for travel, as it folds garments to a slightly smaller dimension, 7" x 10". FlipFold Junior can be used to fold both adult and kids sized clothing (including children sizes 2T-8), as well as smaller linens such as pillowcases & hand towels.


Can I fold sheets with FlipFold?

Yes, FlipFold can fold sheets, towels & linens. For larger sheets first pre-fold the sheet into half or quarters for easier FlipFolding. (Follow the same instructions for folding a towel). Folding linens with FlipFold will allow for a consistently crisp, uniform fold.

 flip fold

Does FlipFold come with instructions?

Yes, each FlipFold has instructions engraved on the center flap, and each FlipFold comes with an instruction sheet. Folding instructions are also available on FlipFOLD USA website. Visit our FlipFold YouTube channel for FlipFold "how-to" videos.


Where can I purchase FlipFold outside of the United States?



Is FlipFold sold in any retail stores?

No. Just Neatspiration in Australia!


Did I see FlipFold on the CBS show "The Big Bang Theory"?

Yes, Sheldon has used a blue FlipFold several times on the show. We love "The Big Bang Theory"!


Contact us if you have any further questions about FlipFold.

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