LooBlade is the only toilet cleaner on the market, independently clinically tested to remove 99.9% of germs!

LooBlade comes with a 3 year domestic guarantee and should last up to 10 years with sensible use!

LooBlade adopts a radical new approach called SwipeClean, which uses a highly sustainable and efficient siliconeTPU elastomer material that is both durable and flexible.

The cleaning head comprises eight flexible blades in a helix configuration, which maintain a broad area of contact to “swipe clean” rather than scrub a surface, with a hollow-point ‘nose’ to assist with blockage clearing.

The anti-microbial technology within the plastics is certified to ISO 22196-2011. The hydrophobic performance is created by a silica nano-technology, also combined into the plastics – which means…’nothing’ sticks to the LooBlade…

TÜV Laboratories of Germany have certified LooBlade’s antimicrobial action. We officially kill 99.9% of germs! That’s all of LooBlade, not just the head, but the handle and holder too. This is achieved using a very safe silver/zinc based additive to ISO22196:2011.

The revolution in toilet cleaning technology is here!


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