Amalfi - Terrazzo Door Stop

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The Amalfi - Terrazzo Door Stop not only prevents doors from closing shut, it also holds them securely open so gusts of wind won’t slam your door.

Featuring environmentally sustainable Terrazzo and a natural jute rope handle for easy maneuvering.

10cm x 12cm


There is nothing quite like the timeless beauty of Terrazzo. Used for thousands of years throughout the world it is a product that is unique, durable and a pleasure to maintain.

Terrazzo is regarded as one of the most sustainable and environmently-friendly homewares products.  This is due to how the terrazzo material is made and the components that make it up.  Terrazzo is typically made out of cement with the addition of other materials such as scrapped marble, rock or post-consumer glass.  The use of these post-consumer composites makes terrazzo eco-friendly because nothing is wasted.  Every scrapped material is processed and added into the mix to create uniquely designed patterns and colours.  This uniqueness is also what makes terrazzo one of the most design-flexible materials available to designers.

Historically, terrazzo is probably one of the first, if not the original recycled material.  Ancient Venetian workers took scrapped marble that were left over from building houses of the wealthy and set them with clay to build patios around their residences.  Today, terrazzo continues to be an environmentally friendly product that is both durable and low-maintenance.  Additionally, because of its composition, terrazzo has no volatile organic compounds or VOC, further cementing its eco-friendly status.

Terrazzo is definitely the benchmark for all eco-friendly materials.  It boasts of high sustainability, longevity and durability without stinting on design flexibility.


The Amalfi team are experts at their craft with over 30 years’ history. We are product developers and designers based in Melbourne who put together a far-reaching range to reflect international trends as well as our own ideas.

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Beautiful Modern Doorstop

Modern doorstop that not only practical but look great too.